Forget about cleaning the stove every day


Once the fire is out, the burner’s selfcleaning system is activated for a few minutes, eliminating the ashes and leaving the grid clean for the next use. EverClean system removes and moves ashes to the storage drawer. This way there is no need to clean the stove daily and the proper operation of the stove is guaranteed. The stove can operate even during several weeks without the need to open the furnace door or to remove ashes.[A], [B].

EverClean Plus

Furthermore, the most powerful stoves in the Sisarga range feature the EverClean Plus system, with automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger, which ensures optimum performance. [C]

Easy to install and to maintain

1/ The front component cover located under the hopper lid can be extracted by removing
the lateral bolts.

2/ The stove’s back panel can also be removed from the rear, as well as the lid to access the inside of the unit, which is located on one of the sides of the outer casing.

They help mobility, both during installation and during maintenance tasks. They also allow the stove to me removed once the winter season is over.