“At EFILUME we have extensive experience in the research of solid biomass combustion systems at international level, as well as vast business experience. This is why we have decided to gather our knowledge and efforts to create a new brand to launch an innovative product range.

Our enthusiasm and urge to excel have allowed us to work for years in the development of a new concept of stoves designed for the user. The new EFILUME stoves are an innovative product, with a wide range of benefits designed to achieve a comfortable heat, which are easy to use and efficient.

We invite you to enjoy the Efilume stove range. We are sure that the experience will be worth it.”

Innovación y diseño

We designed a range of products based on our international research experience in thermal biomass and a highly technical academic training.

Leading computational fluid dynamics simulations, based on finite volume techniques and widely employed in other sectors such as automotive and aeronautic sectors, were used during the product development stages. This technology is used to optimize the heat transfer and design air flow distribution, reducing consumption and emissions.

We have our own test facility, where daily R&D work is done, all products are set-up and tested and product quality and durability are ensured.

All these efforts are focused to constantly improve our offer and get a full satisfaction from the user.