Combustion air is managed in several steps to achieve optimumperformance, thereby reducing emissions and improving efficiency.

A cleaner combustion. During the second step, the combustible gases produced during the first stage are burned.

Hermetic installation
maximizes savings

flechaWith no cold air leaks.
flechaWith no smoke leaks.
flechaIt does not consume the oxygen in the room.
flechaWith no ventilation grid.

Intelligent management

Intelligent management Sisarga stoves system allows
performance to be optimized at all times and independently.

The automatic combustion management system ensures that the unit works to the optimal point at any time, irrespective of external variations.

It allows the stove to adapt to the capacity required by the house at every moment.

The adaptation of the capacity in order to reach the desired temperature is carried out smoothly, avoiding highly inefficient stop-starts and reducing consumption.